Useful Tips for New Network Engineers

There are only two crucial points of working as a network engineer, however, they count for everything. Following them is the best way to turn dull unsuccessful toil into brilliant career in networking.

1. Be proactive. Before changing even the slightest detail reason the consequences of your deed. Find answers on these questions:

Useful Tips for New Network Engineers

• Is it worth-while?
• How will it reverberate?
• Can I back up the change?

The first question is obvious, however, not many ask themselves that before doing something. Better analyze the necessity of the action rather than do it just for doing something. With a single action you can store up future problems, so think beforehand.
The second question requires at least the basic knowledge of the technologies you are using. If you have doubts, explore the issue, ask friend or google it to know for a fact what will happen.
Finally, do not exclude the possibility of mistakes. So it is necessary to know the ways to back out the changes. Do not do anything in rush – think again before saving changes.

2. Document all you are doing.

If you want to be the greatest network engineer, and to be highly appreciated by your team, always document all your actions. It is essential for all engineers, as documentation will help you to save the ways of solution of related issues so you will be able to work faster and more effectively. Develop a habit of writing down all your processes and soon you will see the difference in the work progress.
No matter how you will do the documentation, creating diagrams, posting emails to your team or making all-encompassing reports. The only thing that matters is that you documented it in an understandable way. And, what is also important, don’t forget to label all physical ports and gear.
Of course, these habits don’t appear from the word go, it takes time to develop habits that distinguish professional network engineer from the bush leaguer. Take into consideration that the leading engineers in the field keep developing these habits all the time and they work better and better. Do the same if you want to succeed here.