Top Hacks of 2016 Up to Date

This year is marked by audacious hacks performed by well-known group OurMine. The kicker is, their victims are world’s most renowned tech executives like Mark Zuckerberg. Believe it or not, but these attacks were carried out with “no bad intentions.” This group claims to be a company that offers services aimed to protect clients’ privacy and personal information.

In most cases, attacks of OurMine were harmless to their victims as they didn’t reveal information but simply labeled their sites showing that they were able to find a breach in the victim’s security. Thus, the only casualty of their target was the harmed pride. The list of their victims includes Uber CEO Travis Kalanick; co-founder of America Online Steve Case; Amazon CTO Werner Vogels; Spotify founder Daniel Ek and actor Channing Tatum (an unexpected guest in this CEO party).


In the middle of the year, hackers attacked a network used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and some people believe it to be a threat to national security. The devilment of OurMine has nothing to compare with the attack on Bitfinex that has resulted in over $65 million appropriations. Later on, Russians distinguished themselves by delivering a serious blow to over 300,000 cash registers. Another hack set on alert many athletes as it revealed medical records of famous Olympians.

Here is the list of hacks that made the world reel this year.


Facebook founder, as it turned out, doesn’t follow advice that his own social media platform gives to its users: never use the same password on several accounts. Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn password was stolen in 2012 during the LinkedIn leakage, and it turned out that the same password was used for his Pinterest and Twitter accounts.


OurMine has distinguished itself with another ‘fake’ attack, this time on Google CEO Sundar Pichai. They targeted his Quora account, and in this case, Quora’s convenient feature that enables the user to make posts to Twitter turned a disadvantage. Yet, Quora authorities contradict such possibility claiming that there are no breaches in its defense system.


The next CEO target of OurMine was Dick Costolo, the former Twitter CEO. Hackers managed to get access to his old account and make a cross post. As a result, no sensitive info was revealed, though they tagged his account as the one that hasn’t passed the security check.


This attack is the icing on the cake of OurMine’s hacks. His account was also labeled with “testing your security” post. As it was an account of current Twitter CEO and co-founder, it raised a lot of questions around Twitter’s protection and a number of possible breaches. This time hackers have found the way in through the Vine platform (video platform that belongs to Twitter). Hackers also have availed of the opportunity to post several videos from Vine to Dorsey’s Twitter.


Another OurMine’s victim, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer received a cross post to her Twitter account. Hackers again have used another social media platform to get access to Twitter and left their famous post. Now the world is in the wait of their next move as the attack on Brendan Iribe’s account marked that an unknown hacker took up the glove.


The hacker who calls himself “Lid” has copied OurMine’s style and hacked Oculus CEO’s account with a post “i’m not testin ya security im just havin a laugh.” More than that, he pronounced himself the Iribe’s successor as the Oculus CEO.


Everyone knows about the issues of Russian sportsmen with the World Anti-Doping Agency that resulted in the exclusion of Russian participants from the Olympic Games in Rio. Russian hacking team known as “Tsar Team” or “Fancy Bear” has decided to have revenge upon WADA and attacked its database. The attack was successful and sensitive information about medical records of Simone Byles, Serena and Venus Williams was revealed. According to CEO Olivier Niggli, this criminal act has exposed confidential information of many athletes.


A Hong Kong digital currency exchange has suffered the attack by unknown hackers. Today this attack is considered to be the second largest hack in the history of this industry. The stolen sum astonishes – the equivalent of stolen bitcoins is more than $65 million. Heaven knows who and how did it as this accident is still being investigated.


There were at least three hacking attacks on the Democratic party this year. The possible masterminds of the last one are Russian hackers. No one can say clearly, in what kind of information hackers were interested in and how they got access to it. The only thing that is obvious is that attackers were able to search through the DNC and analytics program server for five days.


Russian group called Carbanak is said to attack more than 330,000 cash registers controlled by Micros, the Oracle affiliated company. Oracle authorities held up the fact of the assault. However, they have no idea about the time of the first attack and what volume of information hackers got.


Hackers have managed to get information about nearly 20,000 transactions that took place in twenty hotels across the U.S. including customer names, verification codes and account numbers.