The Most Helpful iOS Apps for IT Staff

Apple devices are well-known for high productivity and effectiveness so they may come in handy to IT professionals. With the selection of the most appropriate and helpful tools and apps, every job can be completed on the go with help of the handheld device. There are many tools created for IT purposes on the iOS platform and we have selected several must-haves that any IT department should have.

Server monitoring and management

  • AD Helpdesk and ADManager Mobile – these tools are focused on Microsoft’s Active Directory. With its help expert can manage user account, resolve user-related and administrative issues.
  • Server Admin Remote – this tool provides an iOS interface to OS X Server and can help users of Mac.
  • Server Monitor checks the status of the servers using SSH connections.
  • RBL Status checks if whether the server of the organization has been blacklisted as the one suspected of pumping out spam.

Network planning and troubleshooting

  • Scanny is really helpful as it proposes wide range of scanning tools that may come in handy when you will check the condition of the network.
  • Network “Swiss-Army-knife” has several useful tools and techniques as well as reference tools like subnet calculator and IANA list of common TCP/UDP ports and protocols.
  • Net Status – this tool checks the condition of network hardware (routers and switches).
  • Get Console – if you have an iOS cable paired with an iOS device you will be able to connect to the routers and switches of the enterprise’s network.

Remote access

  • iSSH – this tool is essential when you want to connect to servers, network devices and individual workstations. However, this tool cannon replace dedicated VNC client.
  • iTap RDP and VNC – this software includes different helpful tools that deal with remote screen sharing and control.
  • LogMeln is perfect in cases when you need to get to the corporate firewalls quickly and on the go.