The Influence of App Design on App Development

Development of technologies simplifies the process of creating mobile applications. However, often the situation shows that there are many development delays, cost-overruns and bloats. Too many people are interested in the mobile app design: the production team, managers and marketers, designers and even customers and most of them have no idea how an app will work on a code level.

In general, that means that there is disconnect between two phases: planning and implementation and engineers are partly responsible for it.

What lies on the surface and underneath?

When we think about an app, usually we consider the appearance presented in Photoshop, for example, and we don’t talk about the code of it. Visual design becomes the central point of reference for the app, no matter how complicated the code is. Because of that clients often throw in the towel when they compare the design they signed off with the actual app.

App Design on App DevelopmentParadoxes of Design Arrangement

Despite the fact that prototype is crucial for connection of the customer and developers, it is a part of the process but not of the product. As soon as the app is implemented in code, the prototype becomes unnecessary and that means that the money spent on it are thrown away. The designer can create UI concepts, animations and content that are not possible to implement through the code and as a result, time and efforts are wasted.

Don’t design without real data

Making a prototype the designer gleans the numbers and images that will work the best in the app, however, in reality you cannot predict the user inputs and some of them may not work properly. Such problems are spotted after the testing of the app or after publishing the app in the AppStore, and after that updates are needed. And updates call for additional work of designers and developers.

Create applications, not prototypes

One may say that perfect app development requires knowledge of coding from the designer. However, it is hardly accessible. Designers should get a clear notion of the app as a combination of design and code, from the roots of programming to the surface of the UI and art assets.

Developers and designers have to work together – to be sure that every idea of the designer can be brought into reality. That approach is essential to those companies who want to save time and efforts and produce successful apps.