Learn Effective Ways of Network Configuration Management

Network Configuration ManagementNetwork administrators duly appreciate and use network performance monitoring tools every day. These tools save a lot of time and efforts, they fulfil many tasks and perform many processes, notify admins about issues in the network and create reports about its condition.

Software-defined networking may replace NPM tools someday, though, this day is not today as it is not as widespread as NPM. New networking system proposes few advantages: it proposes network virtualization and standardizes app-based interface. However, your good old NPM can act like the new system – you just have to know several tips and tricks not many admins are acquainted with.

All system administrators are charmed with the green glow in PuTTY, the very true. More than that, the possibility to change everything with a few keystrokes also is very engaging.

However there are problems that admins face every day and one of them is a necessity of managing many devices with fewer staff.

SDN gives a possibility to get rid of the tiresome work out of managing of the network, thus fewer amount of IT team will be able to work with bigger number of the devices in the network. Still your existing tools can do this work for you: personalization of the tools saves a lot of time and enhanced tools have their own software developer kits that enable admins to master complicated assignments. You can customize your alerts, web dashboards and add some rules to streamline your workflow.

How to use your NCM system?

It is early to dismiss network configuration management as the upgrades and new releases of it bring more and more useful stuff there. Configurable workflows and automation can serve as a sample of new ways of using the NCM.

NPM and NCM tools enable you to create autonomous processes that will simplify the pipeline, you just have to open the manual and look through the possibilities of your toolkit – trust us, you will be amazed ( as well as your manager when he will know that you have managed to boost the level of work without additional cost to the company). As a result, you make your network programmable – simply do not neglect the manuals of your tools.