Is Your Computer Being Monitored?

Monitoring of company’s computers and emails is an ordinary thing nowadays as it is vital for administrative security. Members of IT staff can connect to the computers of the users in the company when they need to fix some problems or monitor emails in order to block links or attachments with spyware or viruses.
However, sometimes a feeling may occur that your PC is being monitored when it shouldn’t be. Let us admit that
• In corporate environment the one who monitors the employee’s PC can see everything in the real time
• If you are not a hacker, there are no chances that you will find the software that monitors your activity on the corporate PC
But if it is your own home device, you have all chances to find it out.

Computer Monitoring

computer monitoringOne of the easiest ways to figure everything out is to use the remote desktop. Someone who have decided to connect to your PC using Built-in remote desktop feature, will be visible to you as your screen will be locked showing you who is connected. That’s why spies usually use third-party software that will work in the stealth mode.
1. Remember, if there was a situation when your PC has been restarted and you don’t remember doing it – installation of stealth software requires restarting.
2. Look through the Strat Menu – All Programs and search for something like VNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC or LogMeIn. Sometimes spies are inaccurate because they believe that normal users usually ignore unknown software. If you found any – that means that someone is able to connect to your PC.
3. Check the icons of the running programs. If you don’t know what does certain icon mean, google it.

Check Firewall Ports

Follow the path Start – Control Panel – Windows Firewall. There you will find Allow a program of feature through Windows Firewall. There you will find all programs that are connected to Windows on different communication ports. Any unknown program or the one that matches VNC should be blocked.
Use Rootkit Revealer or Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta in order to check if your PC is monitored with help of rootkit stealth monitoring programs.