How to Make Windows 7 Faster?

Sooner or later any computer speeds down and even a simple action calls for a lot of time to be done. Even the most effective operational system requires attention and some special care of the user and Windows 7 is not an exception.

Some users believe that the more antivirus and antispyware tools are there on the PC, the more efficient the work of the OS will be. However, this statement is far from truth. Abundance of various programs slows down the performance of the PC, so it is necessary to check the list of installed programs regularly. What else can enhance the performance of the Windows 7?

Use Performance Troubleshooter

Performance Troubleshooter is a useful tool that can check the problem and fix it no matter how many programs are running. To use it follow these steps:

  • Click Start button
  • Proceed to Control Panel
  • Click System and Security
  • Find there Troubleshooting and click Performance issues

Ditch Unnecessary Programs

You have no idea how many unnecessary programs are there on your PC. Some programs are disc space and memory munchers, like Photoshop, the others are small unremarkable programs like automatic disc cleaners. In the most cases users have no idea how many unnecessary programs are running along with essential ones unnoticed. Delete all programs that don’t generate value because they are the main reason of the slow down. When you do this, you will definitely feel the difference.

Disc Cleanup

Get rid of all junk files on your PC – use Disc Cleanup option in Accessories-System Tool. You have a possibility to delete extra files with its help and don’t forget to do it frequently, as unnecessary files can also derate the efficiency of your operating system.

Repair Disk Errors

This option allows user to remove any errors which can be a reason of a problem automatically. You can use it in such a way:

  • Right click the disk
  • See Properties and find Repair disk errors

Everything else will be done for you.

Disk Defragmentation

Analyze disk option shows you whether there is a need of defragmentation of certain drive: fragmented files call for a lot of time to work with so defragmentation is an effective way to speed up your PC.

Get Rid of the Viruses

Malware and viruses cause great damage to the system so it is necessary to use effective virus scanning software to be protected. Use one but impactful antivirus to secure the system and at the same time improve the performance of the OS.