How Network Engineers Change Mobile Today

The company Twin Prime was created by former Cisco and Juniper engineers is going to fasten the performance of the apps and at the moment works with some biggest and affluent app development companies. Co- founder and CEO  of the company Kartik Chandrayana states that in fact, any smartphone or tablet nowadays has an app that was developed with help of their company.

Network EngineersOne of the apps that can be discussed openly today is Frontback, this app takes pictures of both cameras and combines them in one image. The developers of Frontback use help of Twin Prime to fasten the time of loading the image. With help of reducing time of loading the users started to spend more time in the app – now 30-seconds sessions of usage turned into a 1-minute usage.

Chandrayana was a leading engineer at Blue Coat Systems Inc (NASDAQ: BCSI) and Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO). Satish Raghunath, co-founder and CTO, was a leading engineer at  Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) and Nortel Networks.

At the moment they are working on the problem of fastening performance of mobile apps as today people spend majority of time using handheld devices and mobile apps but the performance of the apps is three times slower than desktop apps.

Today Twin Prime has announced about the fact that they have gathered a sum of money that oversubscribes the basic one for $9.5 million for Series A funding round. The main intention is to invest in R&D and in sales.

The goal of the companies that participate in this round is to reach out to different verticals and to improve the performance of the apps to make them even more successful.