Disc Corruptions in Mac OS X: Possible Causes and Recommended Solutions

Hard disc corruption of Mac is a disaster for a user. It looks like a betrayal of the right hand man, friend and keeper of all essential data and for some users this corruption can cause great harm. However, attentive user has all chances to notice the early stage of drive corruption so he will get a chance to stop it and save his data from loss. It can be missing data, damaged directories or corrupt preference files: the system shows you that something is wrong. The reasons for it can be as follows:

  • Improper system shutdowns
  • Physical defects of the hardware
  • Application conflicts if the apps are taken from the third party
  • Bugs in operating system because of which the system restarts hardly and data is saved incorrectly

The first thing you have to draw attention to is kernel panic. If you see them frequently, that means that system files are damaged so there is a possibility of losing all data in the nearest time. Luckily, File System Journaling technology prevents subsequent data loss so the corruption has less of a shot appearing. If you notice such indices of corruption you can use effective solutions of fixing hard drive corruption in Mac OS X:

  • Check the SMART status in your Mac. Verified SMART status is the best indicator of proper work of the hard disc.
  • At the very first signs of directory corruption use Repair Disk option from Disk Utility. The message “The volume has been repaired” will inform you that the process of repairing was completed successfully. Otherwise it will be necessary to repair the disk permissions set. The route is Disk Utility – First Aid Tab – Repair Disk Permissions. If the process ends successfully, you should receive a message “Permissions Repair Complete”.
  • Use Cache Cleaning option in order to clean the system and remove user cache files.

Big guns of solving disk corruption problem is Mac data recovery by third-party software that restores all data from the hard disk.