New Look of a Network Engineer

No one can underestimate the importance of the network in business – apps, services, security, literally everything depends on it today. That is why it is not infrequent that network engineers turn up their noses in front of database admins or server admins. They may feel that other specialists depend on them and therefore they […]

Top Hacks of 2016 Up to Date

This year is marked by audacious hacks performed by well-known group OurMine. The kicker is, their victims are world’s most renowned tech executives like Mark Zuckerberg. Believe it or not, but these attacks were carried out with “no bad intentions.” This group claims to be a company that offers services aimed to protect clients’ privacy […]

Seven Steps To Becoming a Good Network Engineer

Network engineering field is part of the huge IT industry, and it’s becoming more and more popular due to various reasons. Mostly these are money and benefits they can provide. But the thing is you have to know what you are doing and be good at it. Having the CCIE and/or JNCIE is fine – […]

What to Present to Your Tech-Savvy Friend?

Holiday season is not over, so the question ‘What gift will be the best one for a friend who is interested in new technologies’ is more than ever actual. There is no need to worry and look through dozens of web shops in order to find the one that will flip your friend’s lid – […]

Learn Effective Ways of Network Configuration Management

Network administrators duly appreciate and use network performance monitoring tools every day. These tools save a lot of time and efforts, they fulfil many tasks and perform many processes, notify admins about issues in the network and create reports about its condition. Software-defined networking may replace NPM tools someday, though, this day is not today […]

Two Crucial Steps to Successful Career as Network Engineer

Any career can be short and unsuccessful or long and full of achievements, everything depends on the ways of development, efforts applied and knowledge of a person. And there are some tips and shortcuts that can help to be more successful that you have ever expected. Here you will find some useful pieces of advice […]

How Network Engineers Change Mobile Today

The company Twin Prime was created by former Cisco and Juniper engineers is going to fasten the performance of the apps and at the moment works with some biggest and affluent app development companies. Co- founder and CEO  of the company Kartik Chandrayana states that in fact, any smartphone or tablet nowadays has an app […]

Must-Have iPhone Apps for IT Administrators

IT administrators often have to work on the go and there are two ways to ensure high productivity of the work. First, to carry a notebook with you around or, second, to use your Apple handheld device. There are several applications that can help to save a lot of time and efforts and increase the […]

Android Apps that Will Be Helpful to Engineers

The integration of technologies and handheld devices into our lives also affected life of intellectual workers. Smartphones and tablets today transform from the units for entertainment and communication to powerful mobile workstations that can become really helpful in accomplishment of work-related tasks. Some years ago the majority of applications were running on iOS, now almost […]

The Most Helpful iOS Apps for IT Staff

Apple devices are well-known for high productivity and effectiveness so they may come in handy to IT professionals. With the selection of the most appropriate and helpful tools and apps, every job can be completed on the go with help of the handheld device. There are many tools created for IT purposes on the iOS […]