Android Apps that Will Be Helpful to Engineers

The integration of technologies and handheld devices into our lives also affected life of intellectual workers. Smartphones and tablets today transform from the units for entertainment and communication to powerful mobile workstations that can become really helpful in accomplishment of work-related tasks.

Some years ago the majority of applications were running on iOS, now almost a half of all apps are Android ones.

Android Apps for EngineersHere are some apps that will come in handy to engineers:

  • The Axon Calc app is the heat transfer calculator that meets the requirements of even the most fastidious engineer. Shuchi Khurana, founder and CEO of Axon Calc, suggests that the main reason of the app’s success is a perfect combination of information with calculations.  Throughout time the app becomes more and more complicated and now it is able to solve the problems with a flexibility and default input. Also the app soon will be able to propose sharing features so engineers will have to get feedback from others.
  • EngCalc is the best place to search for tables and formulae for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, structural and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, HVAC, etc.
  • The CAD View 3D MFC is a tool for rotating 3d renderings.
  • Heat Transfer Calculator helps engineers to make heat transfer calculations. The distinctive feature of the app is that it allows transferring unit conversion from Metric to English units.
  • Engineering Unit Converter provides a possibility to choose a category from the list (electric charge, length, etc.) and spin the wheels with available units.
  • Fluid Mechanics Converter is used when it is necessary to translate different units of measures. the features of the app include different converters of fluid, flow rate and viscosity.
  • Autodesk’s ForceEffect Motion app is a perfect tool for simulating design options.